Landscaping with “Perspective”

Perspective starts with the angle at which someone views the “picture”. It is said that your landscaping is a gift to the neighbors. If that is true, then, if you like the people who live near you, special care should be taken so that the view is pleasing and inviting. Because trees are the largest element on the property, perspective really begins down the street and the weight of each tree as well as it’s color and texture become important from a distance. Each tree on the site should be both shaped and sized to fit the area in which it was planted. This is where proper pruning and shaping come into play. We can help, in most instances, to create, or recreate, a balanced perspective both from a distance and within the landscape itself.

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Pruning with Perspective

Every serious landscape maintenance professional keeps an eye on jobs he or she has installed or nurtured to see if the overall goals on the project are being accomplished. Once in a while, if the client is not contacted regularly, a “work of art” can be destroyed in a very short period of time by others who have no idea  what “perspective” is all about or what the objectives were when  the landscape was created. I have an account that I’ve been servicing for a number of years now, a small professional office building. We have pruned and sized the Oaks, Tabs, Ligustrums, and Jatrophas as well as the flowering  foundation plantings so as to protect a pleasing view  at eye level both from the parking area and from inside the offices’ windows. My heart sank when I saw that what had taken so long to accomplish was demolished when one of the owner’s relatives lost his job and came to “clean up” the property! The ornamental trees were limbed-up so the hour-glass branching at eye level was destroyed, the flowering shrubs had been chopped back until there were no blossoms on any of the hedges anymore,beds were raked down to gray dirt and all the acidic hardwood mulch (from the Oaks) was thrown in the dumpster! The flowers on the bushes and branching structure of the small trees, as well as any screening they provided, was gone. The carefully maintained landscape investment had been greatly diminished by someone without proper perspective or training in landscape theory. If we can help you plan, install, recapture or maintain  perspective in your trees and plantings please let us know. We’re committed to meeting your needs.

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