I have over 40 years experience in Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance… I will bring “Perspective” to your landscape. Your plants and trees should look good at eye level and from different viewing angles. I take all viewing perspectives into account whether I am pruning a tree, trimming a hedge or planting a flower bed, to ensure that the end result is pleasing to the eye and also sustainable for the future growth and health of your plants and trees.

I provide the following Landscaping Services:

  • Expert Tree Pruning, Shaping, and Sizing:
    My specialized method of pruning focuses on the aesthetics and health of your trees. I carefully choose which limbs to cut to create a pleasing, symmetrical shape. I thin the branches to reduce the weight on heavy limbs and create an beautiful, airy canopy. This allows for more light penetration and reduces the risk of damage or loss in a hurricane or high winds. Regular pruning (when done correctly) will keep landscape trees at a manageable size and always looking their best.
  • Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance: Maybe you need a complete landscape design and installation or just want a dependable lawn man who will care for your lawn and plants and be respectful of your property… Either way, I bring over 40 years of expertise working with South Florida plants and trees and I am committed to your complete satisfaction. My small crew consists of myself, my brother and my son. I am always on the job to ensure that the highest standards are met because my name and reputation are on the line.
  • Free Consultation: I offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and help you decide on the best course of action to fit your budget. I hope you will give me the opportunity to earn your business. Please contact me to set up a convenient time to meet.

Now serving Jupiter Farms and surrounding areas!

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