Tree Pruning

Sizing and Shaping by Pruning

The most important element in maintaining trees, shrubs and hedges is proper pruning. Pruning is largely a forgotten art but must be accomplished carefully  and regularly if the plants and trees are to provide the necessary framework for an aesthetically pleasing design. Perspective in the landscape begins with the largest element in the landscape: trees. The habit of growth of each tree, as well as it’s potential size must be taken into account when either planning the softscape or recovering useable space sometime later. Trees used as framing elements should not be allowed to do more than mark the boundaries and provide balance to the “picture”. Proper pruning can keep trees from eating a building or becoming too top heavy. Flowering species can be used as a visual marker from a distance or to shower an area, within a vista, with fallen blossoms. Here again, proper pruning makes the difference in that it will encourage blooming  because the root structure has less of the tree to support.

If we can be of service in providing necessary planning, maintenance or instruction on the HOW-TOs of proper maintenance, please let our experience be a resource for you.

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